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Sharon has been working and volunteering as a Certified Harp Practitioner since 2001, utilizing her soothing therapeutic music at the bedside in the Tampa Bay area in such facilities as St. Joseph's Hospital, St. Joseph's Women’s Hospital (including the NICU), LifePath Hospice, Tampa General Hospital, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and private homes. In addition to her harp practitioner certification, she holds a degree in psychology.  One of the founders of The Institute for Healing  through Sound and Music, she currently is on the Board of Directors
. (For information on the International Harp Therapy Program, go to www.harptherapyinternational.com.  For information on The Institute for Healing Through Sound and Music, go to www.IHSM.info). Sharon also serves on the Board of Director of the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians as Director. Learn more about this quality organization at www.nsbtm.org.

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Rainbow of Sound
Color My World

In affiliation with The Institute for Healing through Sound and Music, a 501C3 non-profit corporation, Sharon has begun a presentation of Harp Circles. For more information, click on the "Color My World" tab.

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Sharon S. Stoll
Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner
 (813) 258-8725
(813) 258-8724 (fax)

Sharon is a Harp Practitioner who earned her certification through the International Harp Therapy Program, traveling to San Diego Hospice for her training, at the time one of the United States’ three teaching Hospices. Along with music development and repertoire, courses are directed at preparing the harpist to play with intention at the bedside of those who are sick, in pain or transitioning, cradling the listener in soothing, comforting modal music.   

Graduates of the International Harp Therapy Program are trained to work with hospice patients, patients in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, rehabilitation centers, etc..   Over 80 hours of on-site practicum is required for certification.






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